We noticed that you didn’t select our bundle pack when you signed up for our care plan. Don’t worry; we just wanted to ensure you’re aware of the incredible value you might be overlooking.

Our bundle packs are crafted to provide landlords like you with phenomenal savings and unparalleled peace of mind. Take a look at what T1+ has to offer: 

✅ Claim your FREE EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report) and enjoy a FREE call-out service – guaranteeing savings of over £300!

✅ Say goodbye to unexpected costs – with our history of being called out at least once, rest assured that minor works, like condense trap leaks, joint leaks, radiator leaks, or valve leaks, will be covered during our gas safety service.

✅ Ensure your property operates smoothly and limit further call-outs with our comprehensive system check, radiator balancing, and inhibitor top-up.

PLUS, if you have an HMO property, Smoke & Fire Alarm Test and Emergency Lighting Tests are included –  fulfilling your legal and safety requirements!

Choosing one of our bundles not only spreads costs evenly with the rent but also shields your investment from unpredictable, hefty bills. It’s a straightforward and efficient method to uphold your property’s smooth operation and guarantee the satisfaction of your tenants. 


Don’t let these extraordinary savings slip through your fingers. Enhance your investment strategy, secure your returns, and simplify your property management effortlessly today!

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