To Repair or Replace? Your Boiler Dilemma

To Repair or Replace? Your Boiler Dilemma

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Boiler trouble can cause a massive disruption in your daily routine, especially during the colder months. Whether you’re in Leicester, Clarendon Park, Stoneygate, Knighton, Oadby, Evington, and surrounding areas, CRS Gas is your local specialist, ready to restore your home’s warmth with an efficient boiler installation service. Do you repair or replace that is the question.

Is a New Boiler the Right Solution for Your Home?

Imagine preparing for a warm shower only to find out your boiler has broken down again. Or perhaps you’ve noticed a significant hike in your energy bills. These frustrating instances could indicate it’s time for a new boiler. But don’t worry, CRS Gas is just around the corner, ready to assess and guide you on the best solution for your home.

Repair or Replace? Your Boiler Dilemma

Having a boiler breakdown when it’s cold and wintry can be a stressful and worrying time. This is especially true when you’re not sure if your boiler can be repaired, or will need replacing altogether.

There are many situations in which your broken boiler can be repaired simply and quickly, giving you a warm and well-heated home. However, sometimes replacing your boiler and installing a more efficient, new model is the best course of action.

Consider Safety First

When making a decision on your boiler, always consider safety first. If your boiler is old, it may not meet modern laws and guidelines on boiler safety and operation. The first thing you should always do is consult a professional to make sure that your boiler is safe, and see if it could be safely repaired.

Even if an engineer can repair a fault with your boiler, it may still be potentially unsafe and prone to problems. In the worst of cases, your boiler may even be at risk of producing carbon monoxide. A professional will be able to inform you if your boiler can be safely used, or needs replacing.

Once your boiler has been checked over and you can be sure that it’s safe to continue using, you can consider the other factors that will impact on whether your boiler should be repaired or replaced.

Could You Make Efficiency Savings?

Even if the fault with your boiler can be fixed, a new boiler may be significantly more energy efficient. You may even be able to save money in the long run by installing a boiler that is more efficient.

Rather than paying for a repair, consider whether or not this may be a good opportunity to replace your boiler and make efficiency savings. A more efficient boiler can heat the rooms in your home more quickly and do a better job of keeping you warm through the winter months.

If your boiler is already a modern, energy efficient model, simply having a repair carried out by a registered professional may be the best course of action for getting your boiler back into working order quickly.

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What Is the Cost of a Repair?

For some older boilers, the cost of repair may be significantly increased because replacement parts are no longer readily available. Look at the potential cost of repairing your boiler and assess if replacing it could actually be a more cost-effective solution. Bear in mind that the cost of repairs for an old boiler will only increase over time.

If the cost of a repair to your boiler is relatively low, or the repair is simple, then this may be the best choice for your boiler. Not only that, but many newer boilers will likely still be covered with a warranty. This can cover the cost of replacement parts, and may even cover the cost of labour as well in some cases.

How Frequent Are Breakdowns?

Are breakdowns becoming all too familiar? If your boiler is constantly running into problems, then replacing it with a new model may be the best option. The cost of constant maintenance and a repair can mount up over time, particularly for older boilers.

Frequent breakdowns can be a hassle and can be stressful, particularly in the winter, so think about whether you’d rather avoid this and replace your boiler with a new model that is likely to be much lower maintenance.

If your boiler very rarely breaks down and is a newer model, then repairing it is probably the best course of action as frequent problems are unlikely. Many people don’t notice boiler issues through the summer and don’t address them until the winter, even though it may be a simple fix. If you’ve turned your boiler back on for the winter and have noticed a problem, it may not be a serious issue.

Think of the Future

Finally, consider any potential future costs for your boiler. Think about how much longer your boiler is likely to last and whether replacing it now could be a better decision in the long run. A professional engineer can help you with this, and talk through your boiler’s potential lifespan to help you decide.

If your boiler is out of warranty, future costs could be particularly significant, as you will no longer be covered for breakdowns and will need to cover the full cost of dealing with any repair issues.

If you’re planning home improvements that involve moving or upgrading your boiler, this could be an ideal time to consider a replacement. However, if these changes aren’t in the immediate future, and your old boiler is still functional, you may choose to hang on to it until the renovations are underway.

What We Offer

Tailor-Made Design and Technical Services

At CRS Gas, we believe in customising our boiler solutions to fit the specific needs of your home. We don’t just install a new boiler; we take the time to evaluate your entire heating system. With our expert advice, we ensure you get the most cost-effective, efficient, and suitable boiler for your home.

Water System Check – A Key Aspect of Boiler Installation

Did you know that limescale and rust can build up in your system, damaging your new boiler before it even has a chance to shine? It’s like pouring a fizzy drink into your car engine instead of oil! To prevent such a situation, our expert engineers conduct a thorough water system check, ensuring that the water flowing into your system is clean and clear of any corrosive elements.

Whole System Efficiency – The Heart of Our Service

Our service is not just about installing a new boiler. It’s about ensuring your entire heating system works harmoniously. Just as a healthy heart is useless if the arteries are blocked, a new boiler won’t perform at its best if the rest of your system is lagging. We strive to ensure that every component — from your radiators to pipes — is running smoothly.

Post-Installation Boiler Servicing – Maintain the Heartbeat of Your Home

Imagine buying a brand new car and never taking it for servicing. The same applies to your boiler. Regular servicing ensures optimal performance and longevity of your investment. Our dedicated team at CRS Gas is ready to provide ongoing servicing, keeping your boiler in peak condition year after year.

In Conclusion

If you’re looking for an installation service that goes beyond just installing a new boiler, then CRS Gas is your perfect partner. We strive to ensure your entire heating system functions efficiently, keeping your home cost-effective, reliable, efficient, and comfortable.

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