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CRS Electrical: Your Local Electrical Experts

At CRS Electrical, we’re all about keeping your home safe and sound. As local electricians based in Leicester, we’ve got your electrics covered with a range of services tailored to your needs.

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As local electricians based in Leicester, we provide a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet your needs, spanning testing, maintenance, repair, and installation. With our team of seasoned and fully qualified engineers, we prioritise professionalism and excellence in every project. Be assured, we are NICEIC, MCS, and RECC accredited, adhering strictly to the latest wiring regulations, and all our work is comprehensively insured for your peace of mind. (we’ve studied, trained and passed with flying colours, real nerds when it comes to all things electrical!)

Safeguarding Your Sanctuary: The Critical Role of House Electrics Testing

Your home’s electrical system powers the heartbeat of modern living, from indispensable appliances to ambient lighting. However lurking within outdated setups or dodgy wiring are serious risks, electric shocks, power surges, and potentially catastrophic fires. Enter regular electrical inspections, the guardians against these unseen dangers. By investing in house electrics testing, you protect your sanctuary against potential hazards, ensuring the safety and security of your loved ones.

Imagine waking up to a flickering light that gradually turns into a small spark, followed by a smouldering smell. Without regular electrical inspections, this scenario could escalate into a devastating fire. By prioritising house electrics testing, you prevent such disasters, safeguarding your home and family.

Upholding Home Integrity: The Significance of House Electrics

A home remains safe and functional when its main systems, including electrical, plumbing, and heating, are well-maintained. Defects or damages in any of these areas can render the property unsafe and pose risks to its occupants. At CRS Electrical, we comprehensively address all three aspects under one roof, ensuring safety, compliance, and peace of mind for homeowners in Leicester and beyond.

Shedding Light on Home Safety: The Crucial Role of House Electrics Testing

Why House Electrics Testing Matters

Ensuring the safety and functionality of your home’s electrical systems is paramount for several reasons:

Protecting Against Injuries, Accidents, and Fires: Faulty wiring poses serious risks, including electric shocks, power surges, and short-circuits, which can lead to injuries and potentially catastrophic fires.

Preventing Equipment Malfunctioning: Faulty wiring can wreak havoc on your electrical appliances, causing them to malfunction or sustain irreparable damage during power surges.

Saving Money: Inefficient electrical systems can significantly impact energy consumption and utility bills, leading to unnecessary expenses.

Compliance with Regulations: Regular electrical inspections ensure compliance with safety regulations and facilitate smooth claims processing in the event of emergencies.

Consider the scenario of an overloaded circuit causing a power surge that damages your expensive electronic devices. By conducting regular house electrics testing, you identify and rectify such issues before they escalate, saving you from costly repairs and replacements.

Recognising Warning Signs: When to Seek Electrical Maintenance

Recognising early indicators of electrical problems can help homeowners address issues promptly and prevent potential hazards. Here are some common warning signs to watch out for:

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Flickering Lights: Intermittent flickering or dimming of lights could indicate underlying wiring issues, such as loose connections or overloaded circuits.

Circuit Breaker Tripping: Frequent circuit breaker trips may signal significant electrical problems, such as overloading or short-circuits.

Sparks, Burning, or Discoloration: Visual signs of sparks, burning smells, or discoloration near power outlets are red flags that warrant immediate attention.

Frayed Wires or Electric Shocks: Physical damage to electrical wiring, such as fraying or chew marks, poses serious safety risks and requires immediate inspection and repair.

Your home’s safety and functionality rely on the health of its electrical system. Regular inspections by certified professionals are essential for identifying and addressing potential hazards, ensuring your peace of mind and the well-being of your loved ones.

Understanding the Frequency of House Electrics Testing

Faults with your electrics pose serious safety hazards from injuries to electric fires, with around 4000 domestic fires caused by faulty wiring and equipment last year alone.

Recommended Testing Intervals

Domestic Properties: According to BS 7671 regulations, domestic properties should undergo inspection and testing every 5-10 years, or during property transactions.

Landlords’ Obligations: Landlords must obtain a Landlords Safety Certificate, including an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR), every 5 years or during changes in occupancy to ensure compliance with safety standards.

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT): While not part of fixed wiring, PAT testing is crucial for items’ safety. It’s recommended every 3-12 months, depending on usage and type.

Additional Testing Considerations

After Major Renovations: Significant renovations can alter electrical layouts, warranting post-renovation testing, especially when preparing to sell the property.

Older Properties: Older homes, such as those from the 1940s, may have outdated wiring, making routine inspections vital to ensure compliance with modern standards and safety.

Imagine renovating your beautiful Leicester Victorian home to modern standards, only to overlook the outdated wiring, putting your family at risk. By conducting post-renovation house electrics testing, you ensure the safety and compliance of your upgraded home.

The Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR)

The EICR provides a thorough assessment of electrical installations against BS 7671 standards, identifying defects, shock risks, overloading, and fire hazards.

Inspection Process: Certified electricians conduct visual inspections and more detailed EICRs, examining wiring, fuse boards, earthing, and bonding across all areas of the property.

Reporting and Classification: Results are categorized as C1 (requiring immediate action), C2 (potential danger), or C3 (improvement needed). Properties passing inspection receive an EICR Certificate of Safety.

Ensuring Safety and Compliance

Regular inspections to your electrics are critical for protecting property and occupants. By adhering to testing guidelines and addressing identified issues promptly, homeowners ensure their homes remain safe, compliant, and up-to-date with electrical standards.

Preparing for an Electrical Inspection: Tips for Homeowners

Preparing for a comprehensive electrical inspection requires some foresight and readiness to ensure a smooth process. Here’s how you can streamline the inspection and make it easier for both you and the professionals:

Ensuring Access: Clear Pathways and Clearing Spaces ensure unobstructed access to all electrical installations, allowing for a thorough examination.

Temporary Disruptions: Be prepared for temporary power cuts during the inspection, and consider temporarily leaving the house to minimise inconvenience.

Addressing Identified Issues: Anticipate the likelihood of faults and be ready to address them promptly, considering budgetary constraints.

By proactively preparing for the electrical inspection and working closely with professionals, homeowners can ensure a comprehensive assessment of their electrics while minimizing disruptions and addressing any issues efficiently.

The Benefits of Regular Maintenance: Ensuring Electrical Compliance and Safety

Routine maintenance to your electrics offers numerous benefits, including improved safety, reduced risk of electrical failures, and increased energy efficiency. By addressing minor issues early on, you can avoid costly repairs and prolong the lifespan of your electrical system. Moreover, compliance with regulations gives you peace of mind and may be necessary for insurance purposes. With CRS Electrical, you can trust our experts to keep your home safe and compliant.

Exploring Innovations: EV Chargers and Solar Installation Services

As technology evolves, so do our electrical solutions. CRS Energy offers cutting-edge services, including EV charger installation and solar panel installation. Embrace sustainable energy solutions and reduce your carbon footprint with our expert installations. Whether you’re looking to power your electric vehicle or harness solar energy for your home, we have the expertise to bring your vision to life.

Trust CRS Electrical for Your Electrical Needs

When it comes to your home’s electrics, trust the experts at CRS Electrical. With our dedication to quality, professionalism, and safety, we provide unparalleled service to homeowners in Leicester and beyond. From routine maintenance to complex installations, we’re here to meet all your electrical needs. Contact us today for reliable and efficient electrical solutions.

  1. MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme): MCS is a certification scheme for renewable energy products and installers in the UK. Their website offers information on renewable energy technologies, certification requirements, and accredited installers.
  2. NICEIC (National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting): NICEIC is the UK’s leading voluntary regulatory body for the electrical contracting industry. Their website provides resources on electrical safety regulations, industry standards, and finding registered electricians.
  3. Electrical Safety First: Electrical Safety First is a UK-based charity dedicated to promoting electrical safety. Their website offers advice on electrical safety at home, product recalls, and resources for landlords and tenants.

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